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Sorry but our service on SEAT radios has been suspended.


What Customers Have Said

Thanks for the prompt reply, I had a word with SEAT, and they would like £40 for unlock code!! Thank you very much for trying to obtain the code, I'll have a think, and possibly buy an aftermarket unit sometime soon. (Chris Brown, Seat Ibiza with Grundig Alana, which unfortunately we cannot currently decode)

Radio Removal tips for SEAT factory-fitted radios

You will need to pull the radio from the dashboard to read the numbers needed from its chassis - this will be on a printed label, engraved on the metal case, or both. Extraction 'keys' may be required to remove the radio - don't be tempted to try removing the radio another way or force it as you may damage the surrounding dashboard trim. The keys make it very easy - you can find them in motoring stores or online. There are three or four different types of keys so check your radio model to ensure you obtain the correct ones.

This independent website provides useful guidance on how to remove car radios and sat-nav units from vehicles.

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We have suspended our SEAT service