Rover/MG Radio Code Service

Our service is personal, not automated, so if you are not sure which numbers to give, provide us with all you see on the outside of the casing and we will check them for you.


We aim to respond by email usually within an hour, a little longer in the evenings and at weekends. These codes are at our standard price of £7.95.


After submitting the form, you will be forwarded to our payments page. Note that your request will not be actioned until payment is received. Our service is inexpensive but it is not free. We aim to give a good service to paying customers, with the assurance of our money-back guarantee: If we are not able to supply the factory-set code for your unit, we will explain why and provide some options on how to proceed, and we promise to refund you less 95p to cover our payment processing fee.

What Customers Have Said

Hi Kevin, thank you very much for your advice and time, it is very much appreciated, I will certainly keep you in mind for any future work I might need. (Peter Darker - MG ZT)

Important Notes & Radio Removal tips for Rover factory-fitted radios

Unfortunately there are many Rover codes we are currently unable to supply. Codes for Clarion radios (model numbers prefixed PU); Alpine radios (serial numbers prefixed AL); the later Philips units (after 2000); and some Grundig radios, can only be recovered from the vehicle manufacturer's database which we do not have access to at this time. We are therefore UNABLE TO DECODE these units. If you ask us for one of these we will pass on whatever information we can and we will refund the fee, after deducting a 0.95p payment processing charge.


You will need to pull the radio from the dashboard to read the numbers needed from its chassis - this will be on a printed label, engraved on the metal case, or both. On some Rover radios, extraction 'keys' (often of the twin fork type shown here) are required to remove the radio - don't be tempted to try removing the radio another way or force it as you may damage the surrounding dashboard trim. The keys make it easy - you can find them in motoring stores or online.


Some Rover units are extracted using a suitably sized Allen key to release bolts on either side of the trimplate (the small holes are visible without removing the trimplate), then pull the radio free. Others (including the MG ZT) require the trimplate surround to be unclipped to reveal two larger screws top and bottom - undo them and then pull the radio out.


This independent website provides useful guidance on how to remove car radios and sat-nav units from vehicles.

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