Maserati Radio Codes

This service for MASERATI cars is no longer available. As an alternative service we recommend Restored Classic: restoredclassic[at]

What Customers Have Said

Thanks Kevin, that code worked a treat! And what service, code turned around in an hour, on a Friday evening! (Matt Payne - Maserati Quattroporte with Blaupunkt BP2395)

Works! Thank you, will give my best references! (Peter Pal - Maserati Quattroporte V with Blaupunkt BP2385)

Thanks Kevin. It worked! (Scharlene Brooks - Maserati Quattroporte with Blaupunkt M139-CN-D (BP2395))

Maserati Factory-Radio Removal

You need to pull the radio from the dashboard to read the numbers needed from its chassis - this will be on a printed label, engraved on the metal case, or both. Extraction 'keys' (often of the type shown here) are required to remove the radio.


Many Becker units fitted to Maserati have horizontal slots along the lower edge into which the keys are inserted until they 'click' - this releases the internal clamps, allowing the unit to be withdrawn. Don't be tempted to remove the radio another way, or by forcing it, as you will likely damage the surrounding dashboard trim. The keys make it easy - find them in motoring stores or online.


If you have any doubts about your ability to remove the radio cleanly, without scuffing the surrounding trim, or worse, we strongly advise you to visit a specialist radio installer or contact a good mobile installer. This advice is true for any vehicle, but damage to higher value cars can be prohibitively expensive to put right.


We no longer offer codes for Maserati

As an alternative service we recommend Restored Classic: restoredclassic[at]