Jaguar Radio Codes

This service for JAGUAR cars is no longer available. As an alternative service we recommend Restored Classic: restoredclassic[at]

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I thank you a lot for your answer. I appreciate your "human" reply by far better than the automatic and no obm for the delay. (Younes Derbouguy - Jaguar X Type with Alpine CD/Radio)

Radio Removal tips

While the radio in some models of Jaguar can be extracted using the standard form of two prong 'key' inserted into twin holes either side of the radio faceplate, others require that you first remove trim panels to reveal fixing screws - clearly the latter is more time consuming and more prone to accidental damage to trim panels or upholstery. If you have any doubts about your ability to remove the radio from the dashboard cleanly, without scuffing the surrounding trim or worse, we strongly advise you to visit a specialist radio installer or contact one of the many good mobile specialists. This advice is true for any vehicle, but damage to higher value cars can be prohibitively expensive to put right.


Several of the Visteon units fitted to Jaguar use a standard twin pronged key (as shown here) to extract the unit - if this is the case with yours, you will see the two small holes each side of the faciaplate. Don't be tempted to try removing the radio another way or force it as you may damage the surrounding dashboard trim. The keys make it very easy - you can find them in motoring stores or online.


Labels applied to the case of the radio may overlap the back and top, or top and side panels. Look to see if such a label is torn along the line where the panels meet; it might indicate the radio has been previously repaired and the code reset from its original code.

We no longer offer codes for Jaguar

As an alternative service we recommend Restored Classic: restoredclassic[at]