Our BMW Radio Code Service

Our service is personal, not automated. Not sure which numbers to give? Send all you see on the casing and we'll check for you.


We aim to respond by email usually within an hour, a little longer at weekends. These codes are our standard price of £7.95.


After submitting the form, you will be forwarded to our Payments Page. Your request will not be actioned until payment is received. Our service is inexpensive but it is not free. We aim to give a good service with the assurance of our money-back guarantee: If we are not able to supply the factory-set code for your unit, we promise to refund you less 95p to cover payment processing.

What Customers Have Said

Thank you a lot for swift reply and, what's more important, the right answer. The code is Ok and the radio works again. Jiri - Alpine CM5905 in BMW E24 635Csi

Bit of a challenge with a wood burner and exacto knife, and my bumbling soldering skills, but got it done and the radio works perfectly. Thanks very much for your help. John - 1995 BMW 540i with Alpine CM5903L radio

Thanks very much for the code. It works perfectly now. Thanks for prompt reply, will definitely be recommending you to others. Jonathan Beer - BMW e36 328i with Phillips 22DC785

Code & Radio Removal tips for BMW Radios & Sat-Navs

You will need to pull the radio from the dashboard to read the numbers we need from its chassis - this will be on a printed label, engraved on the metal case, or both. BMW radios tend to be a lot more fiddly to remove than most (where it's often just a case of using the correct extraction keys), requiring that you first remove one or more trim-plates or small plastic panels to reveal screws that need to be released.


And to further complicate things, there is little in common between the various models of BMW - screws are placed in different positions under different panels. You will need patience and possibly access to a variety of tools including Allen keys and Torx head screwdrivers. Removing a radio from a BMW is OK when you know how but not a job for the fainthearted novice! Just be prepared.


Classic BMW car radios: Some older radios use soldered pins on the circuit board to physically set or 'hard-code' the BMW radio security code. These include the Alpine CM5903L, CM5907 and CM5905. Please be clear, apart from the CM5905, we DO NOT offer to supply the exact unlock code for your radio. We supply information that will enable you to physically reset the radio to a code we give you, if you're reasonably handy with a soldering iron.


CAN-BUS 'Paired' Units: Note that several models, such as the Philips 22DC705, 22DC795, RCC100, RCC 102 and RCD108, are electronically paired to the original vehicle's engine management system. You cannot (easily) transfer it from one car to another.

These paired models will display "DISABLED" when installed in a vehicle other than the one to which it was originally fitted. Only re-coding specialists such as DND Services (in the UK) (www.dndservices.co.uk) will be able to help if you send the unit to them.

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