Welcome to the MMSA Radio Code Service

Originally available through the now disbanded Mobile Media Specialists Association, MMSA Radio Code is operated by the former Secretary of the association, Kevin O'Byrne. Kevin introduced radio decoding as an online service to assist the website's usefulness and attract additional visitors. Now that the trade association - which was incorporated in 2003 - is no more, the decision was taken to keep the radio decoding service going, as many have found it helpful over the years.

Our service is not automated - I personally handle all requests and have built up a good amount of knowledge on the subject over the years, though I do have experienced help to call on too. While some people prefer a fully automated "instant access" service, many need additional help or don't feel confident finding the right numbers to fill in on an automated system, and that's where I can help.

There are also situations where even the car manufacturer's dealership has a problem providing a code for their unit (Ford are renowned for it, especially on their Sat Navs), or simply are not interested (especially if you are not the original buyer or didn't buy the car from them). Again this is where I can often help, so get in touch. If I cannot help, for whatever reason, then I will clearly explain why and will refund all but a small amount (which gets swallowed up by PayPal's processing fee - since March 2020 they no longer offer partial refunds on the fee they take for the initial transaction).